Kath Littler

If you want to learn wood engraving….

I teach one or two-day introductory courses for both beginners and experienced students. These are usually by invitations from various groups.

You will be taught how to use the various tools, and be encouraged to explore the unique language of engraving with their use. A little of the history and what is happening in engraving now is touched upon, so that your learning happens in a coherent context. You will learn how to make a design and transfer it to the block, and at the end of the day, have your first edition of prints to take home along with your block.

I do not have a regular class for, of all the learning disciplines, wood engraving is unusual in that once you have been shown how to do it, it is up to you to go away and practice – at least for some time before coming back as an “improver”. Unlike, say, screen printing or watercolour, it has not a variety of aspects that can be introduced singly over a succession of weeks – it is up to the student to find his or her language within the medium. The best teacher is to be found in seeing the work of the numerous and varied exponents of the technique in exhibitions of The Society of Wood Engravers or individual engravers, and books with reproductions by the great engravers both past and present.

I teach usually twice a year (Spring and Autumn) at Poole Printmakers. I have taught at Craft Renaissance near Usk, The Printshed at Madley near Hereford and at Itton Village Hall (near Chepstow).

Watch this space for future courses!


due to coronavirus, I'm not running courses at the moment. Hopefully back soon!
Kath Littler – learn how to do wood engraving
Kath Littler – artist & wood engraver